Driving schools in Mauritius

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sphinx 14 Jun 2011
Can anyone recommend a good driving school, preferably in the region of Port-Louis? Thanks.


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Beelkish_Mea 28 Jun 2012

pls contact DAMAREE DRIVING SCHOOL TEL 7932448

gices 29 Jun 2012

Are you recommending this driving school from your own experience or because it's an acquaintance?

Beelkish_Mea 18 Nov 2012

it s my own driving school business call DAMAREE DRIVING SCHOOL offering courses in Automatic Transmission car.

gices 21 Jun 2011

I'd say go by word of mouth. Just ask you family/friends and go with whoever they recommend. You'll get a more honest opinion with people you trust...


We now have over 25 driving schools listed in our local directory. Just search and read the reviews :)