Examples of questions given for the oral exams test when applying for a driving licence?

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nirvana 19 Oct 2012

Any samples online?


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gices 19 Oct 2012

Update : Clever Dodo has launched an online version of the oral (theory) test where you can practice the questions.

Driving Test Simulator link

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Clever Dodo will be launching the oral test (driving licence) simulator in the coming week. This will be in BETA phase though. We've added you to the list of people to inform when the site is ready.

Can you give us an example of how the question was different from the test compared to the Highway Code book?

nirvana 19 Oct 2012

OK..in the book the question was given 3 possibility of answers and there they are talking about true and false.i just needed 1 mark to pass.there people are saying that they give questions that isn't actually found in the book. i just needed some examples to work to pass the test. help

gices 19 Oct 2012

Right. The book is a great guide and its purpose is to make you understand the concept of the Highway Code. Learning the answers by heart is not the way to succeed, you need to understand the concept behind the rules. Take for example, the sequence of traffic lights, Red -> Green -> Amber -> Red. There are so many ways to ask questions on this alone. You can have:

  • Which traffic light signal will come after Amber? (Green or Red)
  • Is Green followed by Red? (True or False)
  • Which colour will you see after Red? (Amber, Green, White, Black)

If you learn the answers to the questions, you will become a bad driver and have a difficult time passing the test. Therefore you need to learn the rules so that no matter how they ask the questions, you can answer them.

The online driving test we'll be releasing will definitely help you :)

Khush_Mendossa 19 Oct 2012

Just see how our online simulator will make you a good driver!

gices 23 Oct 2012

@nirvana : During the Oral test at Casernes, do you get 40 minutes to complete the whole test or do you get time allocated per question (eg 2 minutes to answer a question; if you don't answer within that time it automatically goes to the next question)?

Your feedback will help make the application more like the test in Casernes.

nirvana 23 Oct 2012

@gices : its 30 seconds per questions.. if you don't answer within that time it automatically goes to the next question

gices 23 Oct 2012

@nirvana : Thanks for the info. Something does not make sense though, on gov.mu website it says the test lasts for 40 minutes. If you have 40 questions and you get 30 seconds to answer each of them, then the test should last only 20 minutes, right?

nirvana 24 Oct 2012

yes only 20 minutes. :)

gices 28 Oct 2012

@nirvana : Just to let you know that the website has been launched today - https://www.cleverdodo.com/c/118/oral-driving-test-practice-questions

nirvana 16 Nov 2012


Beelkish_Mea 29 Oct 2012

I think you will find most of the answers in the new edition oral book and you need also some knowledge of road sense, which will develop with driving practices.

nirvana 16 Nov 2012


Khush_Mendossa 19 Oct 2012

You won't find any online. Buy a Highway code book.
Else if you wait for some days I can arrange an online for you.

They normally ask you questions about traffic lights, roundabouts, 'panneaux'and so on. Nothing complicated. It's in multiple choice form.

nirvana 19 Oct 2012

i have already gone for the test once and i have failed.i already have the Highway code book. but the examples are not the same as those given in the exams. that why im finding it difficult.i would be grateful if you could arrange it as soon as possible.

Khush_Mendossa 19 Oct 2012

Take a look at this meanwhile. And don't hesitate to give your suggestions in the comment box there.

nirvana 23 Oct 2012

okayy thnks.. :)

nirvana 23 Oct 2012

actually im doing the oral french test.. it would be good if i could get some french questions

Khush_Mendossa 23 Oct 2012


nirvana 23 Oct 2012

ya... plzzzzzzzzzzzz

nirvana 26 Dec 2012

hi.. can i please get some examples like the site http://drivingtest.cleverdodo.mu/ questions in french..
i am doing the oral exams test in french n i think the question are good but its difficult for me to translate.. plzzzzzz