Guide to the Penalty Points System for driving offences

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Penalty Points system has been recently introduced in Mauritius. What is it? It is an amendment in the Road Traffic Act. Objective: Make drivers safety conscious. Let's see in general what it's all about. Everything written here is a direct interpretation of THE ROAD TRAFFIC (AMENDMENT) BILL (No. XVIII of 2012).

Every driver has 0 points. As the driver commits offences regarding traffic, he accumulates points. If he has more than 15 points, i.e, starting from 16, the driver's license is cancelled for not more than 6 months. After that, he gets 0 points. If this happens twice, the driver's license will be indefinitely cancelled until the driver re takes the driving test.

I will put the points obtained when violating certain traffic regulations and some of the fines. Then comes the procedures by which a driver accumulates points or may revoke decisions.

  1. Not wearing a prescribed helmet securely while riding a motorcycle or autocycle: 2-4 points - Rs 500 fine

  2. Using hand-held microphone or telephone handset while you are driving: 2-4 points - Rs 1500 fine

  3. Not complying with traffic sign or traffic lights or continuous white line: 2-4 points - Rs 2000 fine

  4. Not wearing seat belt when driving: 2-4 points - Rs 500 fine

  5. Exceeding speed limit by less than 25 km/h (example: speed limit is 40 km/h and you are driving at 65 km/h): 2-4 points

  6. Not obeying or ignoring a traffic police officer: 2-4 points

  7. Breach of lane discipline on a dual carriageway: 3-6 points - Rs 1000 fine

  8. For people carrying goods, loads or anything on their vehicle; if it is not securely attached and may fall down: 3-6 points - Rs 500

  9. Not having proper lights on during darkness hours (may be at night or cloudy weather): 3-6 points - Rs 500

  10. Not giving priority to traffic coming from more important lanes, mainroad: 3-6 points

  11. Exceeding speed limit by 25 km/h or more, but less than 50 km/h (example: speed limit is 40, you are driving at 89 km/h): 4-6 points - Rs 2000 fine

  12. Overtaking or passing a vehicle which has stopped at a pedestrian crossing: 4-6 points - Rs 500

  13. Blocking partially or fully the passage of pedestrian using the crossing: 4-6 points

  14. Hit and run (i.e. not remaining at the scene of an accident when you are involved): 4-8 points

  15. Exceeding speed limit by 50 km/h or more (example: speed limit is 40 km/h and you are driving at 80 km/h): 6-8 points

  16. Killing someone by accident (involuntary homicide), wounds and blows: 8-10

  17. Driving carelessly (example: run into the back of another vehicle): 8-10 points

  18. Dangerous driving (example: driving at a speed or in a way that could harm other people): 8-10 points

##Important Rules##

Who allocates points? A Court Judge.

What if I exceed the 15 points? You will be disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence for all classes of motor vehicles for a period of not less than 6 months.

If you accept that you have committed a Road Traffic Offence (Payment of fixed Penalty (FPN - fixed penalty notice)):

  • Within 21 days you must attend the District Court specified in the FPN
  • Bring along with you these documents: FPN, original driving license, National Identity Card (NIC), money to pay the fine
  • Finally the authorities will record your points

##Speed Cameras - Photographic Enforcement Device Notice##

If speed cameras caught your vehicle speeding? (It is called Photographic Enforcement Device Notice - PEDN)

  • Withing 21 days you must pay appropriate fine issued
  • You must accept in written form that you accept the Penalty Points allocated to you

If it was not you that was driving?

  • You must fill in and sign Part B of the PEDN and return it to the licensing officer within 14 days as from the date of the issue of the PEDN

If you accept that you have committed a Road Traffic Offence (by the regulations of the PEDN):

  • Within 21 days you must attend the District Court specified in the PEDN
  • Bring along with you these documents: PEDN, original driving license, National Identity Card (NIC), money to pay the fine
  • Finally the authorities will record your points

You may obtain the photographic evidence by writing an application to the Commissioner of Police within 14 days of the date of issue of the PEDN and on payment of the prescribed fee.

If you don't pay the fine in the PEDN within 21 days?

  • You will be presumed to have been the driver of the vehicle
  • You will pay twice the amount of the fine

If you give false or misleading information? It is an offence and you shall pay a fine not exceeding Rs 10,000 and be imprisoned for a maximum of time not excedding 3 months.

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Khush_Mendossa Level 3

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anonymous_4 Level 1

does someone know if it is an offence not to have your headlight on during the day on a 125cc motorcylce? can`t find any law that says its an offence

gurlcrazy Level 1

hi am from abroad, plzzzz can someone tell me if in mauritius letf hand car is allowing to drive

Khush_Mendossa Level 3

It is allowed.

anonymous_4 Level 1

can someon help me to find in the regulation or traffic laws where it has stipulated to drive with the light on during the day.

Thanks a lot.

anonymous_4 Level 1

For HIT & Run case, we all know how things are in Mauritius - you stay on the spot and you are very likely get beaten up by the people around and your car damaged.
This does not make sense, what makes sense is to report as quickly as possible to the nearest police station.

gices Level 6

In Mauritius, it seem policemen are always busy directing traffic and putting up cones to prevent congestion. Now with this new points allocation system, will that not interfere with their "duty" and put more strain on them?

Regarding the fixed penalty notice, what happens if you don't pay within the specified time period? Will your fine be doubled and will you face prosecution in court? What if the notice was sent to an old address. In the UK, you are required by law to have the correct address on your driving licence, otherwise you face a hefty fine. Is it going to be similar here?

With so many bad drivers around the island, I think the district courts will be filled with cases of driving offences everyday. That's surely going to cause a real headache in my opinion.

The main benefit of the point system is that it's supposed to make drivers more responsible and that's done not necessarily by punishing them for their mistakes but by making them aware where they've gone wrong. For example, in the UK, you have courses such as Speed Awareness Course/Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course which aim to educate drivers on driving safely and how their actions could lead to dangerous consequences. Do you think something similar will be introduced here?

PS: You beat me to writing about this topic. I like the details in your article and especially the humour in the first picture (policeman vs car on football pitch), lol.

Khush_Mendossa Level 3


Hmm PMO is already doing campaigns for the driver awareness. But when in a good mood you forget everything and drink I guess. Some people think they can drive around the world even if they drink like mad. I've seen this often.

Alcohol drinking in whatever quantity is bad. Wonder why people continue to consume it o_o

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