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Driving Test Mauritius
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Will the Driving Licence Counterpart create better drivers in Mauritius?

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gices 27 Jan 2013

I've explained how many Mauritian drivers do not respect the Highway Code here but will the introduction of the driving licence counterpart (permis à points) encourage better driving in our country. Will the crazy drivers think twice before breaking the law or will it have no effect on the outlaws?


Driving Test Mauritius

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Driving Test Mauritius

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228 members . 104 topics . 347 posts
akilesh32 15 Jan 2014

i think they will be responsible

ShishaSmoker 12 Jan 2014

Simple answer is no..
As always in almost all cases, the ones who really deserve to be penalised will manage to get away while the unlucky ones will have to pay the price.. Especially for those who rely on their driving license to feed their families..
Any road user will agree with me than those who really deserve it are rarely punished..

gices 13 Jan 2014

As long as corruption exists, justice will not be done :)

Peaches 29 Jan 2013

I doubt it, I hardly see routine patrols as it is, most police officers direct traffic that's all they seem to do here. I still see crazy drivers crossing solid white lines and forcing their way through. Bribes also are evident here as many people I know just pay their way out when they get stopped. Unfortunately until the police set a good example and they have new management nothing will change here.

Khush_Mendossa 28 Jan 2013

The elders (some in the police force) have told me that it will create more bribes just like pre 2000 period. In their words: "nek geter ban lapolis pou re kumans ena poisson 2 koter motosiklet."

So, it has a strong chance of creating worse drivers.

gices 29 Jan 2013

I was thinking the same thing. Those who don't obey traffic signs and the Highway Code will stick to their routine. It's up to the police to stop and fine them. When points are endorsed on their licences, they will think twice before committing the same or similar mistake again because they'd know sooner or later they'd have their license taken away from them when they reach the maximum points allowed. But that's in a perfect world because if the police don't stop those breaking the law or turn a blind eye against payment to them, then the system would be worthless. People who can afford to pay up to avoid trouble will keep their bad habits and those immoral police officers who can take advantage of the new system will definitely cash in on this new opportunity.

It would be interesting if they publish the first person who loses their licence because they have reached their maximum points. It would serve as a reminder and warning for others.