How can I get a replacement Mauritian Driving Licence if I live abroad?

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sjewootah 09 Jun 2013


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gices 12 Jun 2013

This is the procedure you need to follow:

If you live abroad... You cannot get a driving licence duplicate unless you come in person. However you can be issued with a certificate (attestation) confirming you're the holder of a Mauritian driving licence. You will need to write a letter addressed to the Chief Commissioner of Police, stating your name, date of birth and address (both local and overseas) thereby giving permission for a family member or friend to collect the certificate on your behalf.

Source : Phone call to the police hotline (166).

For those residing in Mauritius... For a lost driving licence, you must report it to a Police Station. You will be issued with a memo (PF 77) for production at the Licensing Office when applying for a duplicate licence.

Useful link :

Peaches 12 Jun 2013

Really, even if it was over ten years ago?

Peaches 11 Jun 2013

Why would you need it now if you live in the UK?

Muzzammil 28 Jun 2013

You will need a memo and if you wouldn't come, a family will need to do it for you by a letter written by you I guess then, living in uk, you'll need an International license