Can you drive a 2.5 ton van on a private car driving licence?

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saukatwilly nischalnig Beelkish_Mea
kursley 20 Dec 2014

Hi, can someone tell me if if we still do driving test for Van 2.5 Ton in Mauritius? I heard from different voices that it is no longer and can drive a Van 2.5 Ton with a Private Car licence. If this is true:

1.Why are those company recruiting drivers are still asking for both private car and Van 2.5 Ton.
2.Why does the driving licence department do not put a stamp on the driving licence in the B2 Category.

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Beelkish_Mea 23 Dec 2014

Yes you can drive van 2.5 ton with a private car licence

Niv_Esh 25 Aug 2015

ohhh thanks a lot :)

nischalnig 24 May 2015


I have looked into the road traffic act but it does not seem to mention that a holder of B Private car licence can legally drive a 2.5 ton van which falls under B2 license. how to verify same. Any help. thanks for helping.

saukatwilly 09 Aug 2015

yes ,you can drive a 2.5 ton van with a private car licence

Niv_Esh 25 Aug 2015

are you sure man?