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Oral Driving Test Mauritius

Can I drive a left hand car in Mauritius?

gurlcrazy 08 Jan 2013
Want an answer urgently.
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Nerdy_Shika 08 Jan 2013

No, you can't.

gurlcrazy 09 Jan 2013


gices 08 Jan 2013

No, it is not allowed.

All cars which are sold here are right hand drive ones and it is prohibited to import left hand drive vehicles. This information is documented on the MRA website and therefore it would be logical to conclude you are not allowed to drive a left hand car in Mauritius.

anonymous_4 16 Mar 2013

In fact I have seen left hand drive cars on the motorway in Mauritius but they are diplomatic plate cars. These cars usually have a warning sign saying that is it is a left hand drive car, but it has been a while since i saw the last one.