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Oral learner mechanic

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comment deroule 1 test oral mechanic pour camion. [multiple question]



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Helping you pass your driving test through our practice questions and discussion forum

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245 members . 106 topics . 347 posts
gices 21 Apr 2020

Learner drivers who are looking to get a car licence go for an oral test which tests their knowledge of the Highway Code. It's mostly about recognising traffic signs.

However to get a licence for taxi, bus or lorry, you need to sit an oral mechanic test. This requires you to have a deeper understanding of how your chosen vehicle works, the applicable laws specific to that vehicle and safety checks you need to carry out.

For example, as a bus driver, you should know what to do in the event of brake failure. The lives of many people depend on you and not knowing how to deal with failing brakes can endanger all your passengers, including yourself.

--> Try our oral mechanic for bus quiz.

Taxi drivers should know about Road Traffic (Control of Taxi Operations) Regulations 2011, where to park and know about the Certificate of Registration.

--> Try our oral mechanic for taxi quiz.

For those who drive lorries (goods vehicle), they need to know how to check the different oil levels (engine, brake etc), water level for radiator, what gear to use on bends amongst others.

--> Try our oral mechanic for lorry quiz.


The mechanical test is a multiple choice question test similar to what learner drivers for normal cars undertake, except that it is more geared towards specialist knowledge of your chosen vehicle.

RoseOfUniverse 25 Jan 2016

hmm...tou oral learner(parski code de la route sa, tou dimoune bizin kone li) exams pareille je pense, to kapav aster latest livre la ek fer so bane questions