What sort of questions do we get in the oral for taxi licence in Mauritius?

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Hi, I want to know what are the question in the oral test for TAXI in Mauritius IS THERE ANY OFFICIAL BOOK ON SALE

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gices Level 6

You will get questions regarding safety and regulations among others.

For example, you need to know:

  • what sort of penalties/offences are applicable to taxis
  • how old a child has to be to sit at the front
  • condition of tyre and air pressure
  • braking distance

Check our oral mechanical test for taxi quiz to get an idea of what to expect.

Oh there's an oral mechanic book you can purchase from bookshops to help you revise if you prefer this way of learning.

sindhe12 Level 1

Going thru the same thing bruv...let me see later if i can help u or vice versa.

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