Where can I get Oral Test model paper for bus licence permit in mauritius?

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gices Level 6

You can try our oral bus test quiz for free to give you an idea of what to expect.

There's also the Highway Code (Code de la Route) book which is sold for around Rs150 in all major bookshops. They include a section for the oral test questions to help people going for their bus licence.

Sample questions you may get

What should you do before getting out of your bus?

You should apply the handbrake and switch off the engine.

Name a place where it is prohibited to sound your horn.

Near a hospital

What are the dimensions of the triangular reflector used in case of an emergency?

Length of the triangle sides should be 30cm each and width 3cm

If you need to know anything else, please let us know.

Good luck!

Khush_Mendossa Level 3

In every book of Road Regulations. You can buy them at any bookshop. There isn't any online I think.

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