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Driving test in Mauritius

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The traffic police headquarters is the responsible body for issuing driving licenses and maintaining records of road convictions in Mauritius. In order to apply for a license, the person must be physically fit, be 15 years old for an autocycle, 17 years old for a motorcycle and 18 years old for a motor car. To apply for a provisional driving license, the person can download the required form from the government of Mauritius’ website or get one from the police station nearest to his residence. Once duly filled, the document must be returned to the police station with the birth certificate, proof of identity (ID card, student ID), marriage certificate for married women and accompanied by parents/guardians for minors. For a provisional motor car license, the person must bring the birth certificate, ID card plus two photographs.

Oral/Theory Test

This test is carried out at the Police Headquarters in Port Louis once an appointment has been taken. The theory test is also known as the oral test because for those who do not understand English or French, a verbal exam is carried out the a police officer whereby the latter will read out loud the questions and answers in Creole so that the candidate can understand the question and select the right answer. Those who will be doing the oral test on board (in creole) will be given 30 questions and they need to get 20 questions right to pass the test. Remember that the first 5 questions do not count.

For those who choose to do the test in either English or French, this will be carried out on a computerised system. It consists of 40 multiple choice questions regarding local traffic signs appearing randomly on the screen (help for the use of the screen can be obtained from the staff prior to the start of the test). Since the first five questions are just practice ones to warm you up, you are therefore assessed on the 35 remaining questions and need a score of at least 29 to secure a pass. Passing allows the candidate to obtain a provisional driving license (learner) after which the person can apply for a driving test for a fee of Rs500. Results are obtained immediately and the learner is obtained one week within confirmation (in case, it is not obtained, the person must call at the headquarters as soon as possible). For motor cars, the learner may be obtained without passing the theory test but it is compulsory to do it before applying for a practical test.

Go to Clever Dodo Learners to practice the oral driving test questions.

Practical test

Basically, the practical test determines if the person can drive and is thus eligible for a driving license. The test is carried out in a car that the person must arrange for with a special insurance policy. Instructions are given in advance by a police examiner who will accompany the person during the test. It is carried out in real life situation to assess the capability of the candidate to handle a car but it will not be done on the motorway. The test can last up to 40 minutes which will include normal driving, reverse and parking. Specific points that will be assessed include starting off the car, changing gears, turning corners, stopping at different speeds, giving the proper signals whilst driving, doing reverse and turning the car around, handling the car on various gradients, reading traffic signs, driver signals and mechanical knowledge.

Simple tips to pass the road test

The first thing is to be confident about your driving, plan in advance what is expected of you as well as worst case scenarios. Before starting the engine, check out that the doors are closed, the seats are in the right positions as are the mirrors and put the seat belt on. It is important to make sure that you can drive fully concentrated on the road, operating the controls at the right time without looking at them (gear, steering wheel, gas pedal etc). Move off and stop as needed, whilst checking out in your mirrors; be sure to act as you can see in all your mirrors. Use the appropriate signals when needed and respond to them correctly too. Take the appropriate precautions when reaching road junctions, pedestrian crossings and use the different speeds wisely. All in all, clear your mind and concentrate on what you are doing and you will get your license on the first try.

yonne Published 11 Sep 2011


Driving Test Mauritius

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Driving Test Mauritius

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245 members . 106 topics . 347 posts
Sweii_Gajadar 12 Sep 2012

Want to have some information about oral mechanic please help me out what type of question they ask

gices 12 Sep 2012

I'm not sure I understand your question fully. Are you struggling with the questions relating to the mechanics of the vehicle during the oral test or something else? Please explain clearly.

Sweii_Gajadar 13 Sep 2012

my husband want to have information about how the oral test for goods vehicle and bus are and wanted to know what type of question they ask

gices 14 Sep 2012

Besides a good grasp of the Highway Code, he should have sufficient knowledge in operating the type of vehicle he wishes to get a licence for and have an adequate understanding of the mechanics involved; things like changing oil, checking brakes and clutch are in good working condition etc.

As far as I understand, you need to be enrolled on a training course to get the Learner Bus, Articulated Lorry or Goods Vehicle licence and that's administered by the Professional Drivers Training Centre. You would get more information by contacting them on 664 0046.

yash 29 Jan 2012
I applied for motor cars so i got my learner without doing the theory test. When i went to fix a date for the oral test, I paid Rs500 and I got a receipt. Now I am going to apply for a driving test. What I want to know is, should I pay again for the driving test or should I just show my learner + the receipt I got????

I know that those who do not have their learner yet, they do not have to pay for their oral test but surely for their driving test. Those with a learner must pay for their oral test but what about the driving?
gices 29 Jan 2012
You will need to pay Rs500 for the driving test.

And those who do not have their learner yet have to pay to sit the oral driving test.

So bring the money with you when you go book an appointment for your practical test and let us know how everything goes.
yash 29 Jan 2012
You mean we pay Rs500 for the oral and Rs500 for the driving???
yogesh 02 May 2014

must we paid for the theory test

Tiishh 08 Aug 2016

Hello. I recently went to choose a date for my driving test. I opt for cpe and the officer told me that december was full and the day choosen is 30 jan 2017. A friend told me that if i had opt for port-louis, i could have got the test in nov or dec. so is there a way to change the place, a number to call or should i go at traffic branch again? did someone experience this before?

BadFundodo 05 Feb 2016

It is always good to record your driving in order to have some sort of evidence when it comes to what you really did throughout the practical test.

Video recording is now an option which I highly recommend in order to objectively assess your performance.


Sometimes, the policeman guiding you throughout the test will deliberatly see errors which never really occured or which are not necessarily valid.


The latter wants you to fail.


Everytime you take a practical driving test, you have to pay a certain fee to the police headquarters. Therefore, the more you fail the richer they get.

You may disagree with the policeman's version and later argue to defend your case.(which I did)

That would be a waste of effort and energy, for in the abence of evidence, it will be your words against his. The policeman usually wins simply because he has a bigger Dxxx.

You will also have to pay for more driving lessons which are much more expensive than the test fee.

So yes, filming is the wisest thing to do, unless you have an excess of cash and you don't mind wasting.

akashmanson 14 Nov 2013

hi everyone please help I've got an oral book but it's incomplete. Can you tell me the dimension to put your taxi plate on the roof? Thanks in advance

sima 09 Jan 2013

Hi there,very useful site.i have a question.my learner got torn and its practically useless,i dont want to go through details,lool and someone told me that i have to take a receipt or a form from a nearby police station and present it to the authotities at casernes.i want to know if i will have to undergo oral test again as i already did it.another question for how long is learner valid.thanks.

james_9 08 Jan 2013

i already have a learner for autocycle. Do i need to do the oral test again if i want to obtain a learner for motorcycle??

Kishan_Kanhaiya 13 Oct 2012

i got my learner for moto, what is the rule for me??
until how many cc can i drive, and whether i can drive alone or not??

Rahul_Dyal 16 Sep 2012

hello all, is it possible to get some sample questions online for mauritius? i already have the book, but i want the questions to be exactly as it is on the test paper

gices 17 Sep 2012

You cannot have the questions exactly as they would appear in the test as that would defeat the purpose of the test since everyone would just learn the answers by heart rather than understanding the concept.

An online oral test is being prepared at the moment and will be ready in 2 weeks. Let me know if you're interested and I'll contact you as soon as it's completed.

Sunil_Ramai 13 Apr 2013

may I rcv the online oral test paper.

Akshay 05 Jul 2012

i need a help im going to do my oral test soon but i don't understand what to revise, indeed i know all the signs very well but i want know some examples on what type of question they will ask please

gices 06 Jul 2012

Have you bought the Highway Code book (Code de la route)? All the signs and things you need to know are written in it. The oral test will be in a multiple choice question format. You just need to circle the right answer.

Akshay 06 Jul 2012

ya i have the book and i know all the signs and i have practice all the 159 mcq and got 3 mistakes but i will try to correct it.the thing i want to know is that what types of mcq will i got except signs.
thank you