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Driving Test Mauritius
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How do I postpone my driving test in Mauritius?

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Black123 29 Nov 2017

Can you postpone a driving test? If yes how?


Driving Test Mauritius

Helping you pass your driving test through our practice questions and discussion forum

Driving Test Mauritius

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245 members . 106 topics . 347 posts
gices 22 Apr 2020

There are many reasons why you would want to re-schedule your driving test date but my advice would be to keep your current appointment unless it's really necessary to change it. This is because the waiting time for another appointment is quite long, usually around 6 weeks for the oral test and a few months for the practical test.

A lot of learners freak out when the test date gets closer as they feel they are not ready yet but it's all about practice - the more you spend time doing it, the better you will get at it.

Some people want to cancel the test for silly reasons like needing to attend a wedding or because there's an event (going out with friends, cinema, concert etc) which they think they shouldn't miss.

Of course there are genuine reasons for wanting to postpone the test as well like needing to go to the hospital or in some other crisis.

Try to stick with your test date as much as you can but if that's not possible then please see our Driving Test FAQ to find out how to re-schedule your test. We have the information on that page to make it easier for us to update it at a single place when procedures change.

zsaudi 20 Apr 2020

Oral test delay

Hey guys, Can u tell me if we can delay the date for oral test? Thanks :)

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