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Mauritius Driving Test FAQ

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How do I book the oral (audio visual) test?

You can make an application online but you still need to go to Les Casernes in Port-Louis or Curepipe to take the test.

How much does the oral test cost?

The theory (oral) test costs Rs500.

How long does it take to get an appointment for the oral test?

Around 6 weeks.

How do I postpone my oral test?

You cannot postpone the oral test. If you're not able to attend because of other commitments or if you don't feel you're ready yet and don't turn up, you will lose the test fee you paid and will have to repay when you make another appointment.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my oral test?

No. The test fee is non-refundable.

What is the pass mark for the oral exam?

You will get 40 questions in total but the first 5 do not count towards your final score. You will therefore need to get 29 out of the remaining 35 questions correct to pass. That's around 83% pass mark.

In what languages can I take the oral test?

You have a choice of 3 languages. For English & French, the test is done on a computerised system.

If you're not comfortable doing the test on a computer, you can do the test orally - this is where a police officer asks you the questions in Mauritian Creole and you have to write down your answer on a sheet of paper which is then used for marking. This is where the name of the test originally comes from, a verbal test (hence oral test).

gices Published 08 Apr 2020
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Driving Test Mauritius

Helping you pass your driving test through our practice questions and discussion forum

Driving Test Mauritius

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245 members . 106 topics . 347 posts
deena 27 Jan 2021

Can I get help for oral text driving plz

gices 27 Jan 2021

What kind of help are you looking for?

deena 27 Jan 2021

The book which you are learning and the question is not the same I have done 7 mistake do you have a link that we can do the test online

gices 27 Jan 2021

Which book are you learning from?

If you tell me what sort of questions you got wrong, then I can find out what areas you need to work on. Are the mistakes from recognising what the traffic signs mean or the laws of the Highway Code?

There's a waiting list for our online driving test course at the moment, so check out the free oral test on the site if you haven't already.

deena 27 Jan 2021

The narrow bridge was not as shown in the book and there was a question about a round about it was about true and false it was tricky and there was another true and false I don't remember what it was it was really tricky.

And there was a question about a round about there was a red light there am confuse the question is tricky.

I am learning in the book which have been recently out 2021 codes.

gices 28 Jan 2021

Did they show you a picture of a narrow bridge and asked who has priority to go ahead?

I don't remember seeing traffic lights at roundabouts in Mauritius, maybe they have some now. In the UK, it's more common. Anyway, the same rule still applies, if you've got the green lights, then you have priority over traffic from the right. How was the question laid?

I'm not sure which book you're referring to but I believe it all comes down to practice and the more questions you familiarise yourself with, the better you'd do at the actual test.

deena 28 Jan 2021

They have show us a norrow bridge and ask what it was, but the picture was not the same as the book The question is very different from what we have learn

Nabilahr3 06 Oct 2020

Hi, Is the 6 weeks after collecting your learners to have an oral date standard ?

gices 07 Oct 2020

Usually that's the case but with the Corona virus situation, it may now take longer as they probably have a backlog and have to reschedule previous tests.

Nabilahr3 11 Oct 2020

oh :(.. and regarding the test questions, will they be like the test questions at the back of the highway book or will it be different ?

gices 11 Oct 2020

They will be similar and most questions are about recognising traffic signs anyway. Don't worry too much, it's very easy to pass this test.

Nabilahr3 13 Oct 2020

Thank you :). Will there be mostly signs or also picture images scenarios as well?

gices 14 Oct 2020

When you have passed your test and driving on your own, you'd have only yourself to rely on. So you'd need to be able to interpret traffic signs, gestures from police officers, assess hazards as they occur in real time and use proper judgement for you and others to be safe.

I'd rather you pass because you're confident you understand the Highway Code very well than you were lucky the questions you studied came up in the oral test.

To be honest, based on the amount of time you're spending on this, it would be a surprise to me if you didn't pass first time round :)

Nabilahr3 14 Oct 2020

Haha ! InchAllah :)