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What is the special insurance policy when booking practical driving test?

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Fluffy_Unicorn 21 Aug 2013

Hi , need some help here .. According to the government website : "Important Points to note You should arrange for your own vehicle to undergo the practical driving test and should also produce a valid Special Insurance Policy for that purpose ."

Could anyone explain that to me please? For example: how and where do you apply for the special insurance policy? What documents do I need to bring when going to put an appointment for the test? and is there a time range to go to the Caserne to put the appointment , the same as when going to collect the provisional license whereby depending on alphabetical order you have to come at a certain time only?

Thanks for your help

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245 members . 106 topics . 347 posts
gices 22 Aug 2013

If you take the test in the car of your driving instructor, then it will be covered under that special insurance they're talking about but you'll have to pay an additional Rs1500 for it. It's a kind of learner insurance which covers drivers who are of higher risk of being involved in an accident sort of thing. If you were to sit the practical test in your own car (your dad's car for example), then you'd need to contact insurance companies like Sicom, Mauritius Union etc to arrange for that policy.

You'll need to bring your National Identity Card, Driving Licence Counterpart (DLC) and fee of Rs500 to book the practical test. The Special Insurance Policy is requested on the day of the test itself if you're bringing a private car.

I just called their hotline (166) and they said you can come down anytime to book the test.