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Whats the procedure to obtaining a bus or goods vehicle driving license?

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Khush_Mendossa gices zainkhedoo
ldamient 31 Dec 2014

Does anyone know how to apply for a bus or goods vehicle driving license?

And where can I learn to drive a bus; any driving school offering bus or truck driving lessons. I also heard that there must be sponsorship from an employer for the goods vehicle; but I'm not sure.

I only know that I should get a bus learner license first and pass the exams (mécanique i think, but how and where can I learn for the oral exams; is there any book like for the private car.

Any help appreciated.


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zainkhedoo 06 Jan 2015

You should make an application in your local police station, there they will take your fingerprints and some other personal details and will forward it to the Casernes Central.
Two weeks later, u will receive a letter from the post, informing you when you should go to the Casernes. There they will 'stamp' your learners licence and you're done.
If you wish to obtain a permit, u should pay a fee of Rs 500 and make an appointment for the 'oral mechanic' which will be 3 months later.If u pass it then, again, 3 months later you will go on for the driving test.

gices 06 Jan 2015

Thumbs up for the elaborate answer :)

ldamient 10 Jan 2015

Thanks for the answer zainkhedoo, that really helps.

But do you also know what should I learn for the oral test; is there any book i should read.

And for practical, any bus driving school?

Khush_Mendossa 06 Feb 2015

Hi. I'm taking the Oral for Mechanic too. There are books available. Please look in bookstores.

ldamient 08 Feb 2015

Hi Khush, Thanks I'll look for the book.

But can I ask you where you will go for practical lessons afterwards.

orandas 07 Jun 2015

Hi..please could you help me where to get books for mechanic test