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Oral Driving Test Mauritius
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Getting same questions for the mock oral test on Clever Dodo Learners?

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mouy 11 Dec 2012

Hi...good job..keep it up...btw for the mock test am getting the same questions over and over again...can i play with other questions?


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gices 11 Dec 2012

At the moment, the taster set contains 10 questions and the driving mock test 40 questions. We've added more questions to the bank but that's going to be updated on the website only in January when we make the second release of the oral web app.

So stay tuned and we'll inform you when it's ready. Btw when are you going for your test? Any time soon?

Update Clever Dodo Learners has been redesigned and now the free oral test contains 10 questions only and the mock one accessible to Clever Dodo members only has 40 questions. You will have to upgrade to the advanced plan if you want access to over 300 sample questions.

mouy 12 Dec 2012

unfortunately am going for test 2moro :(

gices 12 Dec 2012

In that case, good luck.

Let us know how well you did tomorrow :)