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Oral Driving Test Mauritius
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Do you know any driving school offering lessons on automatic car in PLouis or in Pwilhems?

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sam_10 08 Mar 2013


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gices 11 Mar 2013


We now have over 30 driving schools listed in our business directory. Please use the search to find one closer to where you live.

Previous Answer

Damaree Driving School in Port Louis. There's another one, I'll try to get the name for you.

Please do not create similar questions in other languages; sometimes it takes time to get the information you're looking for, just be patient. I've unpublished the French/Creole versions of this question.

sam_10 11 Mar 2013


gices 12 Mar 2013

Some guy called Kamlesh also gives automatic lessons in PL and charges Rs250 for 30mins. Not sure about his credibility though as I couldn't find more information on him. With the one listed above, at least they've got an internet presence which makes it easier to perform checks on them.

sam_10 12 Mar 2013

Thanks again

gices 12 Mar 2013

You're welcome. Out of curiosity, why learn automatic and not manual?

sam_10 13 Mar 2013

It's easier and I'm thinking of my age.I'm already 48!

gices 14 Mar 2013

I see.

If you have not already gone for your oral test, our theory test questions may come in handy.

Good luck with learning to drive :)