Oral Driving Test Mauritius

Got your driving test coming up? Oral/Practical? English, Francais, Kreol?

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Oral Driving Test Mauritius

I am going for my taxi licence test, want to have a list of questions that I may get

shalu 10 Jul 2013
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gices 10 Jul 2013

At the moment, we only have questions for the standard driving test. I believe you need to know your way around the island well but I'm not sure how they will assess you on that.

Maybe somebody else who knows better can help.

Muzzammil 15 Nov 2013

isn't the oral exam the same for taxi and private car if memory serves me right? i don't think it will be really different compared to car, you might have specific questions to the topic but most of them might be related somehow to the car learner test also.

Khush_Mendossa 15 Jul 2013

A list I don't think so but you MUST know a lot of stuff relating to mechanic.