Is oral test for licence difficult?

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Sasuke_Uchiha gices
Auvin 15 Apr 2017

What kind of questions will be asked and what difficulties people usually faced


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Nafi-18 28 May 2017

Learn all the signs in the book and go through the Questions at the back.

Sasuke_Uchiha 23 May 2017

Well if you're a student it should be pretty easy to memorize since you're used to it.

Marker might not work well, its wise to bring one just in case.
You might sit in a position that might make it difficult to view the questions.

This information is about 3 years old.

gices 19 Apr 2017

Not really. It all comes down to practice.

The questions are mostly about traffic signs, so as long as you know what they mean, you will pass.

Try the free oral test on our website; it is similar to the real test.