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Driving Test Mauritius
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What test papers do I need to revise in order to pass my oral learner test?

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shoubham12 04 Mar 2016

Any recommendation?


Driving Test Mauritius

Helping you pass your driving test through our practice questions and discussion forum

Driving Test Mauritius

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gices 10 Jan 2020

You can try our Highway Code Quiz to revise.

Most questions are around traffic signs and a lot of those signs are common sense, for example, you must already know what a "No Entry" sign looks like I assume. There are some which are not very intuitive but as soon as you learn to recognise what they mean, it becomes easy.

The Highway Code book is an excellent reference if you prefer to have a hard copy format.

ShaheenJ 21 Apr 2020

Oral test questions papers

I am unable to do do my oral test questions. Please help.

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RoseOfUniverse 21 Apr 2020

You need to buy the book(the latest one) Just read it and do the questions at the back repeat doing the questions again and again, there is the quiz on clever dodo...you could buy a 1 month premium this is a really good way of learning your oral If the oral test is for someone uneducated, I ask one of the police officer, They will have to do the normal oral test like everyone did, if they didnt pass..then you will need to request them to do some request to the government( no idea what thats mean...but hmm..that whats the police officer told me)

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Niloofar 03 Nov 2016

i read the latest book of 2016 and is very useful

RoseOfUniverse 20 Aug 2016

Always make sure to buy the latest books. Most questions you will get will be from the latest book.

BhavishDoobaree 05 Mar 2016

buy the latest book of the highway code by Vinod Bungsy...best book tolearn about it.