Where can I get *AGREED STATEMENT OF FACTS* (constat a l'amiable) because mine is damaged?

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avish 10 May 2013

Also is there any charge/fees?


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gices 15 May 2013

When I was involved in a car accident, both me and the other driver agreed on the circumstances which led to the accident and where our vehicles were damaged. So both Constat a L'Amiable forms were similar and submitted to our respective car insurers. This means you should be able to get a copy of it through your insurance company and if they don't happen to have it (which is not really possible), they can acquire a copy from the other driver's insurer.

Once the form is submitted, you cannot make changes to it, so why are you after it?

avish 21 May 2013

Mine is damage by folding and crusing in glove box, better get a good one incase of a road check

gices 21 May 2013

Oh, you want a blank form, lol. Car insurance companies distribute that when you renew your insurance, so you can just pop in and ask for one. Otherwise just get it from another driver, all the forms are the same.

sphinx 11 May 2013

Your car insurance company should have a copy, have you tried calling them to see if you can get hold of it?