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Oral test guide for learner drivers in Mauritius

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To obtain a driving licence in Mauritius, you have to pass 2 tests – a theory and a practical one. The theory part is most commonly referred to as the oral test because it used to be conducted as an oral examination. People who do not understand English or French usually take the actual oral version of the test which involves an examiner reading the questions and answers out loud in Creole. However most learner drivers nowadays opt for the computerised version of the test. It costs Rs500 to sit the test.

When you sit the test, you will have 20 minutes to answer 40 questions on the Highway Code. Although you have 30 seconds for a given question, if you are not able to answer within that 30 seconds period, you will not get the opportunity to go back to that question again as the computer system will move on to the next question until all 40 questions have been shown which then triggers the end of the exam. So remember to mark your answer for each question before your 30 seconds time limit is up. And for those who are quick to answer, unfortunately you cannot go to the next question until all 30 seconds have elapsed.

answer sheet

Contrary to popular belief, although the test is supposed to be computerised, only the questions and answers will be displayed on a computer screen but you will need to circle your chosen answer (A, B, C or D) on a sheet of paper as there’s no way to mark down your answer on the computer system itself. There is also an audio system in the test centre which reads out the questions & answers for everyone to hear, hence the name audio visual test.

To pass the oral test, you can make a maximum of 6 errors but if you get any more questions wrong, then you will fail. Note that the first 5 questions do not count and are only included in the test to make you feel comfortable with the system, so only the 35 questions which follow carry points. At the end of the test, your answer sheet will be scanned by the police officer in charge and you will get your results immediately. If you fail, you will need to book another test and will have to pay another Rs500 again (fee for oral test appointment). For the ones who pass, they can now concentrate on the practical side of the driving test but for the others, it means another trip to retaking the test in Port-Louis or Curepipe at a later date.

How to pass the driving theory test

The best way to pass an examination is to learn and practice until you become knowledgeable and confident. You should consider buying the Highway Code book which is available in most book shops for around Rs250. On top of explaining the different rules and traffic signs, you can also test your knowledge with the Q&A found at the end of the book. This is highly recommended.

If you want a more realistic approach to the test though, you can try our learner driver test course, which is an online testing application. Practice the questions as much as you can to increase your chances of passing and to build up your confidence. Since this is a skill for life, you should not memorise the questions/answers, so don't learn by heart, because you need to understand the concept and rules behind those questions to become a good driver. So revise well and good luck!

gices Published 02 Apr 2013
I'm a Software Developer and the co-founder of Clever Dodo. Born in Mauritius and now living in the UK, I usually blog about fitness, music, spirituality and driving topics to pass on my knowledge.


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246 members . 106 topics . 347 posts
Namrata_Ramdewon 06 Apr 2013

The paper they hand to us consists of small circles now ( 2013)
They give you a black permanent marker.
You have to be very patient at first.
As soon as you go into the room , you will be seated downstairs.
They will call names one by one to sign ( don't remember what that was lol )
Then all of the batch will move upstairs.

Some people tend to say they are harsh.
But for me it was a good experience.
We got nice staff who kept joking to break the stress :)
Overaal : good experience !

gices 07 Apr 2013

Thanks for sharing your experience. Looks like you've passed :)

Do you still remember how many questions were on actual traffic signs compared to being open questions? If you can give us a percentage, that would be great. Thanks.

Namrata_Ramdewon 26 Apr 2013

My pleasure :)

Around 30 were on traffic signs and around 8-10 open questions.

If you revise well, you can easily get all traffic symbol questions correct. They are so direct!
The other questions might be little bit more confusing .
So secure the maximum number of marks with the traffic symbol questions!

Hope it helped!
Best of luck to the future drivers! :)

gices 03 May 2013

Thanks for sharing your experience, very much appreciated.

Swift 03 Jan 2015

Thumbs up for the nice welcome. The police officer who gave the instructions before and after the test was cheerful and joked with everyone. Very helpful as waiting for the exam or for the results can get to the nerves. :)
Tips: read the book and do all the tests. It will show which areas one is unsure about. Different stop signs, bends and junctions, give way signs, reaching a two way after coming out of a one way, no parking or standing signs... Only one answer per question, so it's very logical and no traps as such. Good luck!

Fluffy_Unicorn 19 Aug 2013

Hi, I was wondering how much it costs for the oral test?

gices 19 Aug 2013

Oops, I thought I mentioned it in the article. The oral test fee is Rs500. I've updated the post to include this now.

Fluffy_Unicorn 20 Aug 2013

Thank you :)
Do you happen to know the fee for the practical test?

gices 20 Aug 2013

That's Rs500 too.

Swift 03 Jan 2015

Hello, I recently passed the oral exam. It was free.

anonymous_4 28 Mar 2013

Traffic branch is a corrupt department. What the hell of giving someone a license when the person has to hire someone to drive his car. The test performed by police officers are bogus. They do whatever they want during the test and write whatever they want on the result. Its disgusting. Life is already expensive here, and the Mauritian govt made a sweet present to Mauritians by increasing drive test from Rs60 to Rs300 and then Rs300 to Rs500. All this in a period of ten years. The system itself is rotten

Namrata_Ramdewon 06 Apr 2013

Part of it is true . Not all are bogus.

roshanbhujun 22 Aug 2015

Hello, i know i am reviving a dead thread but a little of help would be highly appreciated. If i want to know where someone having a learner can drive ?
on which roads and so on ? where do i need to look online ?

Kavish789 16 Dec 2015

I have learner for autocycle only.Do i need to send an appointment and resit for oral to get my learner for motocycle or just need to get another stamp directly without appointment?Please reply..thank you

marcelquintas 17 Oct 2015

This is actually a good question, I have been reading many articles on the topic of obtaining licenses in Mauritius and not one of them has stated whether or not a provisional license for either motorcycles or vehicles allows one to actually operate the motorcycle or car.

It makes sense that in Mauritius they would allow for it as most countries follow this law but with limited responsibilities. Can anyone offer more insight on this matter?

Neh1234 29 Jan 2015

hello my first time oral test will be on 02/02/15 am afraid everyday I practice the exercise BTW can u tell me what type of question has bn asked over there your experience thanks

Swift 30 Jan 2015

Hello, it's not very difficult. You have to remain concentrated till the end, that's all. There is a sort of run test at the beginning for everyone to be used to filling the exam sheet. So, the first 5 answers don't count in the total.
One advice: finish ALL the tests in the book. And go over the errors twice, go back to the page, read about it and try to understand why u got confused.

Recurrent questions:
- one way road becoming two-way road,
- difference between different types of STOP signs,
- no parking no stsnding sign,
- recognize a side road from a bend,
- difference between signs according to their shape n color,
- signs near cross-heres,
- give way sign,
- cross roads ahead sign,
- types of roads and the color associated,
- read whether a bend is to the right or the left
- priority on a narrow road

These are the main signs that.. as a driver you must master for ur own security! Good luck! And maybe ask someone to flip through the book and ask u random questions and u draw the answer. :) Make it fun!

xero 06 Feb 2014

thought the oral test was free

Swift 03 Jan 2015

Yes, I recently passed it and it was free.

Samimah 06 Mar 2013

This article is very helpful I've just apply for a learner and waiting for the call to go to oral.

BadFundodo 23 Jan 2016

I had the best grades for the test aha..Yeah, they shout out loud the results.

Willow20 29 Dec 2015

Hello,I need some help. Can i cancel my oral test for tomorrow?

henagopaul 09 Dec 2015

When do you receive your leaner license? is it after having passed your oral test?

Neh1234 30 Jan 2015

thank you dear will do as u said.

sharfaamoniaruch 06 Jan 2015

please.Can you tell me which website should I apply for my learner driving lisence?

omeshwar98 01 Sep 2014

The highway codes book is it necessary to buy it or we can get it online

gices 02 Sep 2014

It's not available online but is a great reference book.