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Is the seatbelt obligatory for both front and back seat in a car?

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gices sphinx
maria_2 28 Aug 2013

hi i would like to know this for the oral driving test.


sphinx 04 Sep 2013

Police officers tend to check whether the driver and front passenger are wearing their seatbelts when they want to fine you. This does not mean other passengers at the back don't need to wear one though.

gices 02 Sep 2013

Yes, where seatbelts are fitted, they should be worn whether in the front passenger seat or at the rear of the car. However there are some exceptions like

  • when you're reversing your vehicle
  • when you have a medical condition which prevents you from wearing one

Children travelling at the back must be securely fastened (eg in a car seat) if they're too small to use the car seat.

Therefore the loophole is when your vehicle does not have any seat belts or proper anchorage points for a seat belt.

maria_2 02 Sep 2013

Thank you. :)